I am Teet Torim

My entrepreneurial journey has seen me build a B2C business, leading to an exit where we were valued at 3.6 million. I co-founded Social Media Marketing School and was a digital marketing lecturer at TalTech Univeristy.  

My knowledge of B2B business came from my 10-year-long journey as a sales manager at big companies, including Carlsberg Group, Saarioinen, and HKSCAN Estonia. 

For years, I served on the board of the Estonian E-commerce Association.

I am an international marketing mentor at the European Innovation Academy, Kiuas Acceleraralor, and Alchemist Accelerator.

  • Entrepreneur, business mentor, and author
  • Co-founder of Social Media Marketing School based in Estonia (3000+ companies trained)
  • International business and marketing mentor (European Innovation Academy, KIUAS Accelerator, Alchemist Accelerator)
  • Creator, author and mentor of the B2C marketing model “Boosting Loyalty”
  • Lecturer in digital marketing at TalTech (former)
  • Member of the Board of the Estonian E-commerce Association for four years
  • Seven years of CEO experience (Boost Yourself)
  • Nine years of sales management experience (Carlsberg Group, HKScan, Saarioinen)


  • Artificial Intelligence Programme - University of Oxford (2023-ongoing)
  • Digital Marketing - London Business School (2022-2023)
  • ChatGPT; prompting; AI-tools - J. Melanson, B. Maman; (2023)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education - Jill Outka-Hill (2023)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) in marketing - Geekle Summit (2023)

More about me and my thoughts on LinkedIn. Let´s connect.

How can you survive with your online store in 2024?

How can you survive with your online store in 2024?

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AI tools are trending, but is this a short-lived trend?

AI tools are trending, but is this a short-lived trend?

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Presenting B2C model "Boosting Loyalty"

Presenting B2C model "Boosting Loyalty"

We recently had the opportunity to present our model from our new book, "Boosting Loyalty," at the European Innovation Academy, sharing our new model with over 500 entrepreneurs from more than 50 countries...

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