Why hire the next advisor who gives you more theoretical advice with no practical value?


Our team of experts will work with your company until the strategies are set, marketing systems are implemented, and your team knows how to use AI tools in your business to minimize expenses and maximize profit. 

We are not book-wise consultants. We are hands-on practitioners.

Over the years, we have created and exited various businesses: a superfood online business, an eco-café chain, a private coaching house, and an Estonian Social Media Marketing school. 

Our last successful hands-on project as CEO and marketing strategist was selling a small superfood community-based B2C business to a big biotech start-up, which valued us at 3.6 million. We did not sell assets—just our customer loyalty systems, community, and digital marketing knowledge. It was time to move on; we can see that our systems are helpful in so many companies. 

We are also working on rebranding and helping companies find product market fit. We work side-by-side with the companies that are looking for growth. 

We have helped businesses grow using our knowledge, customer experience strategies, marketing models, and systems, working from freelancers to big companies (Capital of Estonia Strategy Center, Enterprise Estonia, Fuijiju, LHV, BTA insurance group, Smart Destinations Europe, Estonian Aviation Academy, Change Partners, and many more).

We are here to help you grow your business.


We have backgrounds in building businesses, running teams, sales, marketing, customer psychology, and product development; this will help us audit your business plan.


We analyze your marketing and product development strategies and help you find the best systems to grow your business. 


We innovate your systems and give you a growth strategy that will lead to success. We create a tailor-made business model for your growth and help you create a practical action list. 


We will help you create a strong team that knows how to use new systems and practical AI tools. We will not leave from your side until the systems are integrated and growth is happening.  



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Teet Torim is an international marketing and business mentor, speaker, and author. He works with start-ups worldwide and serves as a marketing mentor at the European Innovation Academy, Kiuas start-up accelerator, and Alchemist Accelerator.

He is a former digital marketing lecturer at TalTech University and the founder of a marketing school and superfood business that exited with a value of $3.6 million. He is the founder and CEO of Boosting Loyalty, which helps B2C businesses grow through customer loyalty hacks, systemic digital marketing, and AI tool integrations.

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Growth hacking I customer psychology I marketing strategy audits I AI tools for marketing I burnout prevention for the teams

Kati Torim is an international marketing and business mentor, entrepreneur, speaker, and author. She works with start-ups worldwide and has mentored at the European Innovation Academy, Kiuas start-up Accelerator, and Alchemist Accelerator.

She is a growth marketing strategist for B2C businesses and the founder of Boosting Loyalty, which helps companies grow through customer loyalty hacks, systemic digital marketing, and AI tools. She is also a former mindset management lecturer at the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences and teaches high-level achieving teams to prevent workplace burnout. 

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This is how we can help you.

You have the team and knowledge, but are you a bit stuck?

You have the team and knowledge, but are you a bit stuck?


Book a 30-minute session
1 week (2 meetings)

Expert advice

Marketing system for one product or service

AI-tools training for the team

You have the team, but no growth?

You have the team, but no growth?

€ 7500

Book a 30-minute session
1 month (5 meetings)

Marketing audit

Growth strategy suggestions

Marketing system integration for the whole marketing plan

AI-tools knowledge for the team

Design and visual consulting / 24/7 design workplace

BONUS! Burnout prevention session for your team (tools and systems)

You have unique business, and you are growing, but no team?

You have unique business, and you are growing, but no team?

Let's Talk!

Book a 30-minute session
5-7 months (by arrangement)

Marketing audit and strategic plan

Growth strategy development

Marketing systems from our team

AI-tools for the business

Visual branding and design from us

Hands-on marketing and specialist from our team

Most common questions:

What services do you offer?

We offer a comprehensive range of consulting services to help businesses improve efficiency and achieve their goals.

Can you help with business strategy?

Yes, we provide expert guidance in developing effective business strategies to drive growth and stay ahead of the competition.

Do you offer financial consulting?

Our partners of skilled consultants can provide financial analysis and recommendations to optimize your business performance.

Can you assist with team mindset as well?

We also offer burnout prevention sessions for the team because we know growth will be challenging. We also will give the knowledge of how to use AI tools to get things done more easily, quickly, and happily. 

Do you provide management consulting?

Our partners offer valuable insights and solutions to help businesses tackle complex management challenges.

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